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Hollyhood Media Group is a conglomerate that has three subsidiaries under its corporate umbrella:

Hollyhood Publishers is an independent Black own publishing house. C.E.O. Alphonso Irving infamously known as Maxamillion states, “I launched the publishing company with only one vision in my mind— which is to make my impression felt in the publishing industry. I’m in it, to win it. Some authors want 100,000 followers. I want $100,000 in a duffle bag. Books are an integral part of my business and I intend to sell plenty of books. More importantly, I plan on keeping the lion’s share of the profits unlike most street lit authors. I don’t subscribe to that starving author mentality. Publishing is a billion dollar business and it won’t be any peace until Hollyhood gets a piece of the pie. I’m not in business to make friends. I’m in business to make money.”

Hollyhood Publisher’s released its debut novel titled, Hood Rich “In God We Trust” in 2013 to rave reviews.

The publishing company’s novels are a catalyst to familiarize our reading audience with true to life urban stories rooted in the black experience. Our company’s main objective is to deliver reader’s five star stories that will enable us to take our profits from book sales and expand our novels into independent urban movies produce by our production company Jack Out the Box. We are proud to announce that our first movie Scrilla “The Root of All Evil” a hardcore urban story based off of our sophomore novel release is now in preproduction. In addition, to novels and movies we have also ventured into urban fashion with Amaru Apparel. Our Motto is, “The World Is Ours.”

With our sights set on establishing a true independently Black own media empire, our vision is to launch more ventures and turn the Hollyhood brand into a lifestyle for millions. “I’m out here ten toes down in the streets, mom and pop hood restaurants, barbershops, beauty salons, car washes, trap spots. City to city and state to state pushin’ these books, like I use to move weight,” declared Maxamillion. Fans and supporters can look forward to great works from Hollyhood Publishers.